Hand to God

quotes & reviews

"Theatre for the YouTube generation"

Daily Telegraph

"Full of insight and laughter socks it to the audience…The crowd went wild"

The Times

"Terrific cast"

Evening Standard

"Melling is outstanding"

Financial Times

"There really is nothing like it in the West End"

Radio Times

"Amazing cast, filthy humour and a possessed puppet. What’s not to love? "

The Sun

"Hand To God finds great hope in new writing. The West End has been looking for something new to love – and we might have just found it."

Gay Times

"Hand to God is an explosive blast of raucous, hilarious, dirty fun"

Official London Theatre

"the funniest and filthiest puppet glove punch-up I've ever seen"


"Really - freakish, silly … it’s getting my thumbs up"

Daily Telegraph

"The most raunchy puppet sex scene the West End has ever witnessed"

Evening Standard

"Avenue Q meets The Book of Mormon with elements of The Exorcist"